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Law Costs Draftsmen Specialising in the Legal Profession

Our Services

Our expert team of specialist cost lawyers offer a comprehensive legal costs service in all aspects of cost drafting from Civil Litigation to the Court of Protection and can help you recover a range of legal costs and provide expert advice and guidance throughout the service.

Civil Litigation

Our experienced Costs Draftsmen are experts in civil litigation billing and inter partes cost negotiation. We work with you to make sure the bill of costs minimises any points of dispute and helps you recover the maximum amount.


Our Law Cost Draftsmen understand how to maximise cost recovery in both private and legal aid family cases. We ensure any bill of costs is prepared and processed without delay and any issues are resolved quickly.

Criminal Billing

IG Legal is one of the leading Law Costs Draftsman firms for criminal billing and has a wealth of experience and expertise. Our experience of the Criminal Justice system allows us to ensure maximum cost recovery.


Legal Costs Solutions For All Areas Of Law

Here at IG Legal Limited, we are a forward-thinking team of experienced Law Costs Draftsman and specialist costs lawyers that aim to provide our clients with a competitive and bespoke costs drafting service. With a vast amount of experience in dealing with a wide variety of complex legal cost issues, we have built our reputation on offering a personal legal costs service to both solicitors and individuals.

We work with our clients in relation to private client matters, civil litigation, commercial litigation and legal aid billing and seek to assist law firms to maximise their recovery of costs. Our expertise will help solicitors challenge an opponent solicitor’s bill or to help navigate the detailed assessment of costs process. We provide a quick turnaround with our in-house billing and processing solutions.

We have experience in dealing with legal costs complementing your legal services at both County and High Court level, as well as in the Court of Appeal. Our team of specialist costs lawyers are able to meet special requirements and offer a bespoke service to meet your needs. 

In addition, with the ever-changing landscape in legal aid we have adapted to be a forerunner in billing on Government platforms including, but not limited to the Crown Court billing platform and on CCMS.


A Costs Lawyer is a qualified and regulated legal professional who specialises in the law and practice of legal costs. A Costs Lawyer has attained rights of audience and rights to conduct costs litigation

A Costs Lawyer has the necessary skills and experience to draft bills of costs (standard and electronic), prepare and negotiate Costs Budgets, draft Points of Dispute and Reply, make offers and reach settlements without court process and arrange for Provisional / Detailed Assessment of a Bill of Costs where court process is required, undertake advocacy and general litigation.

A costs draftsman or costs lawyer will perform the following tasks;

  • Drafts Bills and Schedules of Costs
  • Assist with preparation of costs budgets
  • Advises clients on the costs budgets prepared by the opposing party
  • Draft points of dispute and replies of costs
  • Acts as mediator in any cost disputes
  • Prepares retainer and fee arrangements between clients and legal advisors
  • Advises clients and legal professionals on disputes

Costs in law consist of;

  • Costs payable between parties where an unsuccessful party pays the successful party’s costs
  • Solicitor and own client costs which is the amount the client pays their solicitor
  • Legal aid costs where a solicitor is representing a publicly funded client

A Costs Lawyer is a qualified and regulated legal professional who specialises in the law and practice of legal costs. A Costs Lawyer has attained rights of audience and rights to conduct costs litigation. A Law Costs Draftsman is an experienced and skilled professional who also specialises in the law and practice of legal costs. Law Costs Draftsmen have rights of audience when they have been engaged to appear at a private hearing to assist in the conduct of litigation and are instructed by a qualified litigator

Solicitors need a Costs Draftsman as they will lack the knowledge, experience and time to prepare their own bills. Cost Draftsman will prepare a bill of costs and also help solicitors maximise their recovered legal costs, also providing expert advice and guidance

To Complain about your Costs Draftsman or Costs Lawyer you should first raise it with their own complaints procedure as contained within the initial client care letter / terms and conditions sent, at which point they have 8 weeks to resolve your complaint. In the case of a complaint against a Costs Lawyer and If your complaint hasn’t been resolved in 8 weeks then you may refer it to the CLSB (for conduct complaints) or the Legal Ombudsman (for service complaints)

Our Clients

We offer an expert cost drafting service to both law firms and individual clients, providing guidance and advice for a variety of law costing issues. 


As experienced Draftsman, we understand your needs and can provide the right information and advice to help you represent your clients and understand what legal costs can be recovered or paid. We can also provide advice on any specialist costs situation that might arise.   


We can provide a range of legal costs services such as helping you settle points of dispute within your solicitor’s bill and can offer you guidance throughout the whole process.

Why Choose our Firm

We are a team of professional and experienced Law Cost Draftsman that can provide a wide range of legal aid and legal costs services to help you recover legal costs and maximise your profits.

With our vast experience of having worked within the legal profession, we fully understand the pressures on law firms and fee earners to maximise their legal costs and we aim to work with our clients to introduce streamlined working practices and to offer feedback on areas in which they can improve.

We have experience of working on our client’s case management systems and are able to access the necessary information to bill from a paperless system. With the technology now available we are able to work with clients across England and the UK.

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Extensive years of experience

High Standard of professional service

Legal Aid Claims

We have vast experience in the legal profession and are an experienced legal aid provider and make use of an established system for bills of costs creation and submitting all aspects of legal aid costs. We are a forerunner on the CCMS system and the Crown Court billing platform and can provide detailed advice and guidance to ensure that it is used correctly and efficiently in regards to legal costs.

Our Cost Draftsman will work with you in all aspects of Civil Litigation billing to help you prepare a claim for costs, challenge an opponent solicitor’s bill of costs or providing guidance through the detailed assessment of costs process.

Let our experience be your guide

The wide range of legal services we offer and areas of billing that we cover enables us to fully understand any legal billing situation and to help our clients navigate their way through the complex billing process from a detailed assessment of costs to bills of costs creation.

Our view is that a good law costs draftsman should deliver efficiencies and increase profits, more than paying for themselves. That is what we do at IG Legal. Can you afford not to get in touch to see how we can help you recovery legal costs and help your business grow? Avoid delays and get it right the first time with IG Legal. Get in Touch now.


Our clients say

Ivan Goodsell has a huge amount of knowledge and experience in the area of criminal cost drafting. His team has provided a seamless service and significantly helped us to maximise our profitability. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other firms.
Tony Edwards,
TV Edwards
IG Legal provides an invaluable service taking care of our billing requirements which allows us to maximise our costs and concentrate on fee earning work. They also ensure our clients recover the maximum under a Defendants Costs Order.