Court of Protection

Providing a professional bespoke service tailored to your individual needs

With a specialist Costs Lawyer as part of the team we are able to offer an unrivalled service to clients who have had a case in the Court of Protection.

Whether you are an Appointed Deputy or any other participant we will help you navigate through the process of recovery of costs, whether it be by preparation of a Short Format or full Bill of Costs for Detailed Assessment.

Given our knowledge and experience we have a good working knowledge of the rules around billing and are able to advise on all apsects of the billing process. With a specialist draftsman who concentrates on billing work in the Court of Protection he has come across every scenario

This means you can have complete confidence that we will balance the interests of both Patients and Solicitors thereby facilitating their fair renumeration for actions such as adding / removing Deputies and making Statutory Wills applications.

Looking For A Reliable And Dedicated Law Cost Draftsman?

We pride ourselves on being trusted professional advisers across the UK.