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Geoffrey Andrews

Cost Draftsman

Antony Barrett

Cost Draftsman

Andrew Brasher

Costs Lawyer

Cliff Cooper

Cost Draftsman​

Geoffrey Andrews

Geoffrey has been working as a cost draftsman since 1985.

He initially concentrated on Criminal and Family billing but having gained extensive knowledge and expertise is in civil cost drafting he now concentrates on billing commercial litigation and Public law matters. 

He is well versed in preparing and advising on cost budgets, preparing and settling bills of costs ( including the new electronic bill) and advising clients on how to navigate the assessment process.

Geoffrey’s knowledge and expertise across a range of costs fields equips him with the ability to adapt to all situations and he has experience of preparing claims in all courts including the Supreme Court and Privy Council. Embracing technology has enabled Geoffrey to keep ahead of the competition. Costing these days also requires experience of costs budgeting and the considerable changes the new regime has created in terms of the need to liaise with fee earners during the life of a case and the different approach to the assessment of costs.

Geoffrey’s experience and expertise lends itself to meeting these challenges in a positive way for all concerned.

Antony Barrett

Antony has been a costs draftsman since 2001.

He has advised in respect of solicitor and own client disputes as well as costs disputes between the parties.

In August 2008 he was retained by the Treasury Solicitor to undertake adverse work including advising all government departments. Antony specialised in cases emanating from the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Antony obtained higher level security clearance to enable him to undertake this work. His most notable cases are:

  • Guantanamo Bay (Damages claims)
  • Baha Mousa (Damages Claim)
  • Mousa (Public Inquiry)
  • Al-Sweady (Judicial review)
  • Ghurkha (Rights to settlement)
  • Al-Skeini (Judicial review)
  • Iraqi Civilian Litigation (Including Costs Mediation)
  • Iraqi Civilian Litigation (Costs Budgets)
  • Bank Mellat Claim (Iranian Sanctions Litigation)

Antony has advised in commercial disputes, personal injury, judicial review and human rights. He has prepared bills of costs, statements of costs, points of dispute, points of reply, advice and costs budgets.

Andrew Brasher

Andrew’s specialism is in Court of Protection billing.

He has been in the industry for over 20 years and has a well deserved reputation for quality, attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to client care which makes him stand out from the rest.

As a Fellow of the Association of Law Costs Draftsmen Andrew was amongst the first cohort who, in 2007 took the opportunity to gain Higher Rights of Audience and gained the right to conduct litigation. As a result, he now carries the title of Costs Lawyer and is able to represent Litigants in person.

Andrew is well known within the Industry for presenting Training and Seminars on working in the Court

Cliff Cooper

Cliff has over 20 years’ experience as a costs draftsman

Specialising in a wide range of Legal Aid billing. He brings his skills in billing family, mental health and criminal work and is adept at preparing Legal Help escape case claims. He has extensive knowledge and experience in preparing Claim 1/1As, Bills of Costs, High Costs Case Plans and has a thorough working knowledge of CCMS.

He also undertakes the complete range of criminal claims (including POCA, Central funds and Court appointee bills.) He is also happy to attend in-house to assist with costing issues and post assessment processing.

Ivan Goodsell

has over 30 years’ experience in Criminal Law and Billing

Gained at a number of leading South East firms. Prior to setting out in the costing world Ivan was involved in running his own caseload within a Criminal Practice and gained valuable knowledge and experience for maximising the costs on every case. Given his keen interest and expertise in costs it was a natural step set up IG Legal Ltd. At its inception it provided specialist Criminal Cost Drafting services to firms across London and the South East. Ivan identified a need to help Firms understand the billing process and to work to maximize the profitability of the work and to streamline working practices.

With the ever evolving landscape Ivan has created opportunities to team up with other like minded individuals and developed IG Legal Ltd into a leading Cost Drafting company that now services a wide range of clients across the country. Offering a comprehensive service, in house training and embracing technology we are now well placed to deal with any issue that arises.

In addition to maintain his passion for costing Ivan continues to ensure that the Company continues to develop in making IG Legal one of the leading Cost drafting Companies in the country.

Amanda Johnston

Amanda initially pursued a career as a solicitor having obtained a Law Degree with honours and completing the Legal Practice course in July 1999.

At the time of seeking a Training Contract during the summer of 1999 an opportunity with a Law Costs Draftsman arose. She has not looked back since.

Amanda qualified as a Costs Lawyer in the summer of 2017 demonstrating that she is keeping fully up to speed with any developments in the law and has a broad spectrum of knowledge on which to base any costing challenges.

Day to day work includes drafting bills of costs (both inter-partes and legal aid), preparing points of dispute and replies, undertaking negotiations, commencing provisional assessment, applications for interim payments and advocacy

Amanda had the privilege of representing News UK in the ‘phone hacking’ cases to include overseeing the costs of representation of both Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson and many of the other defendants being both current and former employees of the newspaper.

Amanda has knowledge of the various Courts and their different working practises. She also has experience of acting for both the paying party and the receiving party. This gives her an invaluable all-round knowledge which is useful when it comes to deploying tactics to achieve the best result possible. She also has many years’ experience of working with Government Departments being part of a successful tender to be an external costs consultant for the now, Government Legal Department.


We are proud of the rest of the team who work behind the scenes on general costing work and administration to ensure we all work effectively and efficiently to meet our clients needs.

We provide support in all areas of your business and private life.

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