We provide professional advice that ensures any claims involving electronic PPE are settled and paid quickly without any hassle.

Professional Advice on Submitting Electronic PPE Claims to the LAA

Submitting evidence correctly to the LAA can be a difficult procedure and you will often hear that claims involving electronic PPE are refused. Many firms believe this is because the LAA will do anything in their power not to have to pay out, when in reality the firm submitting the claim will not have received the correct advice on how best to submit and prepare their claim.

All claims where electronically served evidence is being claimed as PPE have to satisfy an additional set of criteria laid out in the Crown Court fee guidance. These criteria exist purely to ensure proof that the evidence being claimed for has actually been served in the case before any money is paid out. 

Although most solicitors will tell you the LAA has made this process more difficult than it needs to be, most claims that are prepared properly and submitted in consideration of these criteria are processed and paid quickly. It is only when claims fail to do this that refusals start to occur. 

For example, in cases where the evidence is produced on the Crown Court Digital Case System, the LAA might consider this electronically served. In this instance, you would have to treat the evidence as electronic PPE and make sure your claim satisfies the corresponding criteria.

As professional costs draftsmen, we submit these types of claims on an almost daily basis and have a comprehensive understanding of how the LAA approaches assessing them. You can rely on our experience to advise you on the specific evidence you need to include to ensure your claim is not challenged and settled quickly. 

Electronic PPE Claims Should Include:

Why You Should Choose Our Firm

Where most firms deal with claims like this every six months, our costs draftsman deal with them everyday. We are extremely familiar with the guidance and have an unparalleled understanding of what the LAA expects from successful claims. 

Our advice could be the difference between your claim succeeding the first time around and being paid out quickly, or being refused and beginning the long, drawn-out and expensive process of an appeal

This service is billed in exactly the same way as all our others – by charging you a fixed percentage of the cost, regardless of whether it is a one off instruction or for an existing client.

Our charges are based on a percentage of the profit costs. The cost in each case is also influenced by the type of case being undertaken i.e. whether this the initial submission or a redetermination request. This is based upon the amount that is paid by the LAA and not the amount claimed. 

If you think our advice could help with your electronic PPE claim, then please send your query to info@iglegal.co.uk or speak to a member of our team on 01892 860 302. We look forward to hearing from you.

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