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Family Law Billing

Our team of Costs Draftsman have extensive experience in the preparation of High-Cost Case plans in both private paying and publicly funded matters. Our team have vast experience in preparing Detailed Assessments for the Court and offering advice on the process. 

We work closely with our clients to enhance their billing systems and to help streamline their working practices. Our expert Costs Draftsman offer invaluable feedback to clients to ensure that they are able to maximise their costs recovery. 

Our team will work diligently and efficiently to ensure that any Bill of Costs or Claims are processed quickly and correctly resulting in the minimum amount of delay and reduction. 

Our Service Includes:

High-Standard of Service

The service we provide is not just preparing a bill of costs but we also ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently and that the bill is provided in the correct format so it is ready to be submitted immediately after it is returned. 

We will liaise with Counsel and any other experts to ensure that any appropriate supporting papers that are required are available and will assist with any potential appeals process. 

In addition, we believe that we are in the best position to identify and advise on any areas where a firm could be working more efficiently and profitably to increase their cost recovery.

Experienced Costs Draftsman

Our team of Cost Draftsman have substantial knowledge of the various components involved in Family law billing. Our thorough knowledge of the new Family Fixed Fee Scheme (PFLRS), the Care Proceedings Graduated Fee Scheme (CPGFS) and the Family Advocacy Scheme (FAS) allows us to ensure that our clients and Solicitors are maximising their profit costs. 

We are also forward-thinking and are at the forefront of Cost Drafting processes. We have embraced new technology and work on Case Management systems and CCMS to the benefit of our team and our clients.

Personal Service

We pride ourselves on the strong working relationship we have built up with our clients and the individual Fee Earners. We understand that no two Solicitors work in the same way and have different needs that we need to satisfy.

Our team actively encourage our clients to come to them with any queries or instructions that they may have regarding our service or the process. This allows us to quickly identify and resolve any queries or issues that might arise as we work together, preventing any potential loss of costs.

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