Housing Law Billing

Providing a range of housing law billing services tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients.

Housing Law Billing Services

Here at IG Legal, our Law Costs Draftsman have extensive experience in all aspects of billing in relation to Housing Law matters in the UK. Our experienced Draftsman have an understanding of the law and the legal principles of recovery of costs, whether it is a legally aided matter, Conditional Fee Agreement or recovery of costs from a third party. 

We provide a range of housing law billing services, including:

Experienced Costs Draftsman

The complicated requirements for billing during a case requires the use of an experienced Law Costs Draftsman to avoid getting the process wrong and facing the consequences. Our team of costs draftsmen have extensive experience in estimating costs at the start of a case and monitoring them as the case continues. 

 We also have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the law and the legal principles of costs recovery. The consequences of getting this process wrong can be serious and our team of costs draftsman will be able to provide you with advice and assistance on all work regarding bills, costs and budgets to maximise returns. 

High-Standard of Service

As part of our service, we would always look to work closely with our clients to ensure that any claims are drafted to maximise their costs recovery. Our service agreement also ensures we work with our clients to ensure that they are working their files effectively and efficiently so that they are able to maximise their costs on every case.

If you have a costs order against you and require advice on the process for challenging the costs awarded against you then we are able to help you navigate the detailed assessment process. 

Why You Should Choose Our Firm

Here at IG Legal, We offer a bespoke and personal service to all of our clients and our team of Costs Draftsman work closely alongside our clients, in all aspects of housing law billing. Whether it is preparing a claim for costs, challenging an opponent’s bill of costs or simply helping clients navigate the complex assessment process our team of experienced costs draftsman will advise and support you.

IG Legal has a high recovery rate and has been able to ensure many of our clients are able to recover the maximum amount.  Our experience shows that the earlier you seek advice the better equipped you are to challenge a claim and we regularly advise clients on the best strategy to adopt in negotiating a claim for costs as well as negotiating on their behalf.

Looking For A Reliable And Dedicated Law Cost Draftsman?

We pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s leading Law Costs Draftsman and work to maximise profit and costs recovery for our clients across a range of legal services. Get in touch to find out how our trusted professional advisers can help your firm.