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Civil Litigation

When two or more different parties are embroiled in legal action it will most likely result in a very complex situation that can result in an order for costs. By ensuring that you have a Costs Specialist who understands all of the aspects of the litigation procedure you can ensure that the costs are settled correctly. 

Our experienced Costs Draftsmen are equipped and well versed in all areas of civil litigation billing. Our civil litigation team can prepare and advise on costs budgets as well as preparing bills of costs when it is necessary to recover costs from a paying party. 

Our team of Costs Draftsman work with our clients to ensure that the bill of costs is prepared in such a way that it minimises any possible challenge from the paying party and ensures that the maximum amount can be recovered.

Experienced Costs Draftsman

The complicated requirements for billing during a case demands the use of a costs draftsman to avoid the consequences of getting the process wrong. Our experienced costs draftsman will ensure that costs are accurately monitored and estimated at the start of a case, budgets are filed in most part 7 multitrack claims and are prepared to handle any complications that arise due to the new electronic billing regime.

The consequences of getting this process wrong can be serious and our team assist with advice on the categorisation of work for budgets and bills needed to maximise the return on a file as well as working with fee earners and preparing budgets and bills.

Challenging Bills of Costs

Our expert team of Costs Draftsman are regularly tasked with challenging a bill of costs on behalf of a paying party. Our team will raise points of dispute on your behalf and attempt to reduce a party’s liability to pay opponents costs. 

Our expertise ensures that the matter can be brought to a swift conclusion without the need for a detailed assessment hearing and the additional costs that can be incurred as a consequence.

Our Costs Draftsman have experience of advising on the Detailed Assessment process. We will offer advice on costs offers and ensure that our client’s position is protected.  Our Draftsman have experience of dealing with the Detailed Assessment hearing from both sides perspective to ensure you maximise your position.   Once the Detailed Assessment hearing is completed we will prepare a full report that breaks down the result.

Legal Aid Claims

Our Costs Draftsman have extensive experience in preparing Bills of Costs on behalf of solicitors and are knowledgeable in the assessment process of drafting a bill of costs. Our team’s experience and knowledge ensure that your bill of costs will be fairly assessed and you will be able to recover the maximum amount of costs. 

Our past experience has shown us that we are able to ensure very little in the way of reductions to a bill of costs prepared by our team. In addition, we aim to ensure that the solicitor recovers fair remuneration for the work undertaken on the case. 

Why you should choose our firm

Our team of experienced Costs Draftsman work alongside our clients, accepting instructions from both individuals and Solicitors in all aspects of Litigation billing, whether it is preparing a claim for costs, challenging an opponent’s bill of costs or simply helping clients navigate the complex assessment process. Our experience shows that the earlier you seek advice the better equipped you are to challenge a claim and we regularly advise clients on the best strategy to adopt in negotiating a claim for costs as well as negotiating on their behalf.

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